Multi Performance Shock Bag

Multi Performance Shock and Clear Bag

Offers the advantage of superior oxidizing for sparkling clear water and lets you resume swimming just 15 minutes after use. It is non-chlorine, non-bleaching, pH neutral and is ideal to use in all pool types. Not for use in biguanide-treated pools. N/A in California.

Multi Performance Shock Pail

Multi Performance Shock and Clear Pail

29% Lithium Hypochlorite Eliminates odors and conditions that cause eye irritation. Ideal for painted, vinyl and black bottom pools. Prevents and eliminates algae. Dissolves completely and leaves no residue.

Multi Performance Shock Box

Multi Performance Shock and Clear Box

Sanitizes, oxidizes, clarifies and kills algae. Restores water clarity. Swim in 15 minutes after treatment.

What is Shocking the Pool?

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When is the Best Time to Shock Your Pool?

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